…I started my own blog.

After months of posting my links into the various shoutboxes on all of my favourite music blogs, I figured I might as well do one myself where I get to talk about the music a bit more to bring to you some of my favourite artists that do as Jeru said on Come Clean:

“Leave your nine at home and bring your skills to the battle.”

There’ll be about one substantial drop a week, maybe even more often if I feel the need to share something with you. If you’re looking for something and I have it, I’ll glady put it up, so just ask, but this ain’t no TRL show, so be patient.

My shout outs go to my blogging people.

First and foremost, my men Region on Escuchebien
and Worms on Funkmonks.

For more, check the links on the right…

Thanks a lot, y’all. Now it’s payback time. :)