This is another episode in my series of IAM stuff (see below). Today it’s Akhenaton’s first three solo albums.

Akhenaton’s first solo Métèque et Mat in 1995, was in great part recorded in the country of his parents’ origin, Italy, and it does talk a lot about his childhood, his adolescence as one of the first MCs in France at all, about his family’s origin, about immigrants in France, racism and more very personal issues. Two years later, IAM as a whole dropped L’Ecole du Micro d’Argent, followed by Shurik’n’s solo Où je vis in 98 and Freeman’s L’palais de justice (in great part produced by Akhenaton) in 99. Next, in 2001, after his side-project Electro Cypher in 2000, we got yet another solo release of Akh as the invincible sun, Sol Invictus. Even after that album, he was still sitting on so much material, he dropped some of it a year later as Le Black Album.
Here they are, the first three albums of France’s hardest-working man in hip-hop. (And before anybody asks, I left out his very latest solo Soldats de Fortune on purpose. I’ll keep it for another IAM post, cos I still have piles of stuff to come.)

This man is probably one of my alltime favourite artists ever. Enjoy.

Akhenaton – Métèque et Mat (1995)

Akhenaton – Sol Invictus (2001)

Akhenaton – Black Album (2002)

Peace, 9@home