Upon request I bring to you one of my favourite albums in recent years. I bought this at a K-otix show, after enjoying their live set packed with fun, charm, love and straight killer tracks. If you’ve never seen this crew from Houston, Texas live, you have missed something, cos Damien, Micah and The Are tear down the roof with a charisma and energy that’s rarely seen.

K-Otix - Universal

K-otix – Universal (2001)

K-otix online

And while we’re at it, here’s The Are’s producer album Hustler’s Theme. While the other two thirds of K-otix were working on their Black Album, Russel Gonzalez crafted these beats with the precision and detail he’s famous for. The album features guest verses by the K-otix’ homies Headkrack, J. Sands of Lone Catalysts, Truth Enola, Count Bass D., D-Ology and of course by Damien and Micah. The album is an homage to the soundtracks of 70s blaxploitation flicks, but the Are is far from simply copying 70s funk grooves. Instead, he creates his own, subtly instrumented soundscape that shines the brightest when on its own. (Standout track The Dinner.) An overlooked gem.

The Are - Hustler's Theme

K-otix presents: The Are – Hustler’s Theme (2002)

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