Here’s a tribute to Wordsworth… New York freestyle legend known to heads since he hit the scene as one half of Punch & Words on the underground circuit, Lyricist Lounge, countless guest appearances in and outside the US… If you have more of his ish, hand it this way, please.

Mirror Music (2005)
His first proper full-length solo album, released in 2005 on Halftooth, the label that stands for dope, intelligent music (Oddisee, Kenn Starr…)

Mirror Music Remixes (2006)
Label mate Oddisee got behind the boards and gave ten of Words’ tracks a fresh musical dress to let dude’s lyrics shine in a new glow… This is part of the re-issue of Mirror Music, Deluxe Edition.

“Show Album”
This is a collection of miscellaneous songs i bought off dude himself when he hit Switzerland in 2004. It’s a self-made CD-R without a real title or liner notes, which is why I dubbed this his “Show Album.” I just realized that it must be an earlier version of “For People without Turntables Vol. 1” with the difference that “Gotta Pay” and “Trust” aren’t on here. – But they’re on Mirror Music, anyway (and the video’s just below…)
A must-have in its own right as it has some fresh production by J-Zone, Domingo, the Beatminerz, Sebb and more, plus four instrumental versions (called “T.V. Tracks”). Enjoy.

For People without Turntables Vol. 1
A razzmatazz of Wordsworth tracks, singles, guest spots and other stuff you may have missed if you’re not an avid 12″ collector. This is some of the work Words had been up to before he finally dropped his album.

For People without Turntables Vol. 2
You thought that was it? No, there are more tracks he needs to fit somewhere…

For People without Turntables Vol. 3
This kid has got to be one of the hardest working in the industry… Great stuff.


Slam Bush
A mock political debate between George Dubya and Words where the Retard in Chief is torn to pieces. This made the rounds a few months back but it’s still great to watch.

Gotta Pay/Trust
The first single off Mirror Music. Dope.

And finally, a podcast for your ass, straight off

Happy Wordsworth Day! on WQN5 Radio, 26th June 2005

This has got to be one of the funniest moments in radio history as Wordsworth and the usual QN5 suspects hang out in the radio studio, kick freestyles, discuss what they’d to if they won the lottery, talk about each other’s sleep deprivation and let Wordsworth get up close and personal. About 1 hour 50 of sheer entertainment.