Finally, here’s the long-promised IAM drop featuring some solo releases and artists associated with the extended fam called Côté Obscur, the dark side. A play on both Star Wars and Côte Azur, the blue coast they hail from.

In chronological order, basically the time between IAM’s Ecole du micro d’argent (1997) and Revoir un Printemps (2003) albums… what a busy six years…

DJ Kheops – Sad Hill (Double Album – VA – 1997)

The cover says:
“Sad Hill. Un disque produit et réalisé par Kheops.
Avec Blondin [DJ Kheops], Sentenza [Akhenaton], Tuco [Freeman] et Shurik’n dans le rôle de “Jo, l’indien”.”
Kheops gave this double album the theme of the 1966 spaghetti western The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and the members of IAM adopted the three main characters’ names. Shurik’n, as the fourth, plays Jo the indian… It’s a real pity that the western theme is only followed through on the tracks with IAM on. The rest make no real mention of the wild-wild west.

Faf Larage and Def Bond used to form “Soul Swing and Radical” back in the day (as featured on the track Je viens de Marseille on IAM’s de la planète Mars album.) They broke up as a duo but still occasionally work together in the IAM camp. Faf is actually Shurik’n’s brother.

Shurik’n – Où je vis (1998)

This is an amazing album Shurik’n took years to finish, mostly all by himself. And it shows!

Faf Larage – C’est ma cause (Double Album – 1998)
Crazy dope voice, and a sound I keep using as a reference to check if headphones or speakers are worth anything.

Kif Kif Prod. présente: Chroniques de Mars (VA – 1998)

Features IAM, Faf Larage, K.Rhyme Le Roi, Fonky Family, Don’t Sleep DJs, 3eme Oeil, Def Bond, Le Venin and Sista Micky. Produced in great part by Faf Larage, Kif Kif (Imhotep aka Tonton) and others. See discog entry.

Freeman ft. K.Rhyme Le Roi – L’Palais de Justice (1999)

Most of the tracks are produced by Akhenaton himself.

Akhenaton – Electro Cypher (2000)

An electro project Akhenaton did with a bunch of friends.

Faf Larage & Shurik’n – La Garde (2000)

“Two cool brothers stand side by side…” Finally the two on one album.

Freeman – Mars Eyes (2001)

IAM – Au coeur d’IAM DVD (4-track bonus disk – 2004)

The DVD is a documentary on months of making their latest album Revoir un Printemps. The camera’s there when they all meet again to hang out and pool their ideas, when they go through stacks of beats and samples, when they give each other shit in heated discussions and when they fly to NY to record with their album guests such as Method Man and Redman. A true eye-opener when it comes to how an album is made…
Included in the package is this CD with four bonus tracks that didn’t make the album.

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