It seems some people have managed to miss out on Jean Grae right up to this day. This needs to stop right now… This is not going to be a discography drop, cos homegirl has made way too much stuff and I don’t have the time to post everything. What you need to know is that she started out in the crew Natural Resource (check 12inchers for some material) and was a member of Brooklyn Academy and then went dolo, still under her name WhatWhat. I first noticed her on High & Mighty – Hands on Experience Pt. 2 with Kool Keith and Bobbito and she had me on the floor laughing after just a few lines…

“I’m past the list of niggaz who masturbate
I flash my wrists, when there’s no brothers to pass the gate
Holdin myself down when I’m on the clit
I’ve got gadgets like I’m fuckin James Bond and shit…”

She’s done collabo work with every respected artist you can think of, most of all with UK producer duo The Herbaliser. The three seem to have a chemistry together that’s unbelievable. She’s also got a few monikers she uses when she does production herself. This girl is mad talented. She runs the whole spectrum from silky-smooth personal musings to all-out trash-talking battle-type flame-spitting.

This one is an (at-the-time) unreleased project she’s done with 9th Wonder. One track, Don’t Rush Me ended up on her latest full-length album called This Week. This whole album is great stuff. No idea why it didn’t drop for another 4 years, in a slightly different version. Jeanie is easily one of my all-time favorite artists. For reals.

01 – Intro
02 – B.N.K
03 – Don’t Rush Me
04 – Please Forgive Me
05 – The Place Is Here
06 – He’s My Man
07 – Think About Me
08 – Non Sense
09 – The Game
10 – Until
11 – So High
12 – 2nd Chance

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder – Jeanius (2004)

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