And before I’m out…

Meet Blade. This man is the posterchild for independent UK hip-hop. Of Armenian origin, from Iran, grown up in London. Back in the early 90s he used to sell the records he’d recorded and pressed up himself in the street, straight out the bag. I think I remember reading in Hip-Hop Connection that he’d take some crap job and then eat nothing but chocolate he’d pinched somewhere, so he could save money for putting out his records. The man is a living legend and whether you like his sometimes offbeat rapping or his slightly hoarse voice, you have to respect what he’s gone through to live for his art.

Blade – The Lion goes from Strength to Strength (1993)

Blade – Rhyme Bomb 12″ (1997)

Mark B & Blade – The Unknown (2000)

Blade – Storms are Brewing (2004)

For more info and the stories behind the releases, just check his extensive website.
And, let’s face it, like many early pioneers and underground heroes, this guy is still struggling financially. Be a sweetheart and order something from his shop. The prices are ridiculous.

Peace. I’m back at the end of September.