For those of you who enjoyed the Asterisk mixes, here’s another QN5 release by the label’s supergroup Extended F@mm, consisting of Tonedeff, PackFM, Session and Substantial. The title of the album pretty much sums up what the LP is all about: Fun and battle verses combined with such an ease that only the top-notch MCs in the game can spout. The highlight, among the other consistently dope tracks is definitely the infectious “Fuck You I Rhyme Better (Remix)”.

No need to pull an ice-grill and act hard… Brighten up, have a hearty laugh… and fuck you, too! :)

Extended F@mm – Happy Fuck You Songs (2002)

And while we’re at it, if you haven’t heard PackFM’s brandnew album, you’ve been sleeping hard. It’s fuckin ridiculous! (That means good.) Now go and cop it.

Peace, 9@home