Interestingly enough, if you go back to the first steps of Spain’s hottest MCs, they almost always started out with an uncompromised, hardcore, rough sound. This album, like other early work of Spain’s big dogs in hip-hop, shows that the kids’ lyrical talent was usually far ahead of their production technique.

La Alta Escuela was to the Sevilla hip-hop scene what a bullpen is to a baseball game. Here, they were getting ready to take the field by storm and prove, round by round, who rules. Both Juaninacka and Tote King now have to be counted as two of the most mature and most versatile solo MCs in the country. Juanma, the third MC, can be heard on some guest spots and has only just released an EP in 2005 entitled El que faltaba (=He who was missing.) Indeed, he was. When the group split up, Juaninacka and DJ Randy put together a maxi called Otra historia de Coria (=Another story from Coria. Coria del Rio is the borough in Sevilla where they are from) under the moniker Billy el Niño y Don Dinero in 2000. After that, Juaninacka kept going on his own (see the Juaninacka post.)

So, even though I don’t know much about this album except that it was supposed to be their first demo and, with help from DJ Acción Sánchez of SFDK, was turned into their first (and only) LP, here it is in all its unpolished glory, to give you an idea of how Juaninacka and Tote have evolved from then till now.

La Alta Escuela – De Pie En Vuelo (1999)

Big up to Dorme for sorting me out with this album so swiftly!

Paz, 9@home