Tanzania has developed its own brand of hip-hop influenced music called Bongo Flava. The name goes back to the name of the country’s capital, Dar-es-Salaam, which is commonly called Bongo. The Swahili word ubongo means brain or mind. One could say the capital is the head of the country. Or it might also mean that you need a pretty good brain of your own to survive in the 3 million capital…
This compilation gives you an idea of the breadth of the Bongo Flava scene. The lyrics are all in Swahili. The subject matter ranges from humourus accounts of life in the ghetto to hard-ass gangsta type raps. Feel the vibe and enjoy.

Bongo Flava – Swahili Rap from Tanzania (2004)

More info in German and English:
Bongo Flava on Wikipedia.de (in German)
Birgit Englert: Bongo Flava (Still) Hidden „Underground”. Rap from Morogoro, Tanzania (academic paper in English)

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