To continue our little excursion into Spanish hip-hop, let’s turn to another wordsmith from the former Alta Escuela camp. When Alta Escuela disbanded and Juaninacka started his solo career, Tote King also got to work on his own material. After a tape that was never properly released, he teamed up with his younger brother Shotta in 2002 to put together this first album called “Tu madre es una foca” (Your mother is a fat seal.) A phrase that’s become their trademark and that’s meanwhile entered Spanish youth lingo. Word has it that Tote was gonna make a solo album with tons of features but that the record company didn’t have the kinda money to pay for all the guest spots. So his brother came in quite handy. The two work together like fish and chips and both master the flow like they’ve never done anything else in their lives.

Tote King & Shotta - Tu madre es una foca

Tote King & Shotta – Tu madre es una foca (2002)

Then, in 2004, Tote King finally got the deal to release his first solo album called “Musica para enfermos” (Music for the ill). Easily one of the best hip-hop albums to come out of Spain. But don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourselves.

Tote King – Musica para enfermos (2004)

… and in the same year Shotta put out his own solo record called “La Selva” (The Jungle) on which he features his brother as well as other MCs from the axis of dopeness Sevilla-Malaga.

Shotta - La selva

Shotta – La selva (2004)

But that is still not enough. This year, Tote King has come back with a brandnew album entitled “Un tipo cualquiera” (A regular guy), which he and producer Big Hozone recorded in 3 months. Again, the album’s got it all. Scathing commentary on the world we live in, mind-blowing rhymes, funny metaphors, a guest spot by Cannibal Ox and beats, beats, beats…

Tote King – Un tipo cualquiera (2006)

And as a little bonus, for those who want to know what the guy sounds like before grabbing these albums, here’s an endorsement Tote was asked to do for the Spanish team playing at the basketball world championship in Spain. Tote used to play b-ball himself back in the day, so he was a pretty obvious choice. That’s a crazy harsh beat by Griffi, in case you were wondering.

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