Moving back to Europe for a short stint in Spain, here are Falsalarma’s two albums. When listening to them, especially to the latest Alquimia, what really stood out to me were their incredibly powerful flows and a very polished, clean sound crafted with love for the detail. I know it sounds daft, but the sound is just very clean, also due to the MCs’ crisp enunciation. This is what learners of Spanish should be listening to all day. :)

Falsalarma are from Las Termes de Sabadell, a couple of kilometers north of Barcelona. They consist of DJ Neas, who used to deejay for 7 Notas 7 Colores (see on my blog), producer Dycache Santiago and the two MCs and brothers El Santo and Titó.

The group has meanwhile established connections to other artists within Spain (Frank T, Tote King, Violadores del Verso etc.) and outside (Freeman and Chiens de Paille from France.) as we can see in the guest spots on their albums.

Falsalarma – La Misiva (2002)

Falsalarma – Alquimia (2005)

Falsalarma website

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