Hailing from Portland, Oregon are the Quannum family’s northernmost representatives, namely Vursatyl, Jumbo the Garbageman and DJ Rev. Shines. The crew started out as a duo with Vursatyl as the MC and Jumbo as his DJ, often doing last-minute gigs, which is where their name comes from. Later, after Jumbo put another MC to shame in a freestyle session, they decided Jumbo should pick up the mic more often and they took Reverend Shines aboard as the man behind the tables. Jumbo still handles the production side and may well be one of the more slept-on talents behind the MPC.

Incredibly fresh and positive music with a creative feel-good vibe. Still, the Lifesavas are not too shy to voice their concern with where this world is heading. Maybe a bit like a cross-breed of J-Live and Jurassic 5. The former can be heard on a guest spot doing the infectious Selector. And no Quannum release would be complete without the obligatory Quannum features, so dig in.

01 – Soldierfied
02 – It’s Over
03 – What if It’s True
04 – Livin’ Time – Life – Movement 1 ft. Gift of Gab
05 – Fever
06 – Hellohihey
07 – Head Exercise
08 – Selector ft. J-Live
09 – Fa’show
10 – State of the World – Apocalypse – War
11 – Resist
12 – 5th Horseman
13 – Thuggity Skit – Skeletons
14 – Emerge ft. Latyrx, Blackalicious & DJ Shadow
15 – Me
16 – Spirit in Stone Outro

Lifesavas – Spirit in Stone (2003)

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