As I usually do every few months, here’s a quick dump of some stuff that’s been sitting around and hasn’t been posted properly.

I can’t do a write-up for each of these, but I want you to have them… (like you care, right?) :)

(edit 2013: since I’ve killed the links, consider these one-line reviews of a bagfull of random stuff.)

On your mark… ready… set… go.

Ayatollah – So many reasons to rhyme (2003)
Instrumental album. Beats, beats, beats.

Emanon – Anon & On (2002)
Aloe Blacc and DJ Exile as a duo. Short and sweet.

Emanon – Imaginary Friends (1996)
Some of their earlier work. For completists like me.

Emanon – Steps Through Time (2001)

Grand Agent – Fish outta Water (2003)
Needless to explain.

Grand Agent – Fish outta Water (Remixes) (2003)
Beat Society teamed up on him, and look what happened.

J-Live – The Hear After (2005)
Can’t help but fidget around to this one.

Kid Frost – Hispanic Causing Panic (1990)
The Don of Chicano rap with his classic.

Mark B presents – Delta The Lostralian (2006)
Long-distance friendship on a record. UK-Aus.

Mars Ill – Pro Pain (2005)
Clever lyrics and beats to match. (Would you have guessed these cats are from the ATL?)

MED aka Medaphoar – Push comes to shove (Instrumental Album) (2005)
You wanna hear the vocal version first?…

MED aka Medaphoar – Push comes to shove (2005)
Quite likely one of the more underestimated MCs out there.

Micranots – Return of the Travellahs (1996)
Speaking of overlooked…

Monie Love – Down to Earth (1990)
Too bad Young Jeezy doesn’t love her anymore… we do. :)

Promoe – White Man’s Burden (2006)
Looptroop’s filthiest on his latest album.

Run-DMC – Down with the King (1993)
Maybe the last classic one before their star started sinking a wee bit.

Souls of Mischief – 93 til Infinity (Instrumental album) (1994)
Just the vibes to kick back to.

Spectrum City – Lies / Check out the Radio 12″ (1984)
Chuck D’s first group. Everything else is history.

Talib Kweli & Madlib – Liberation (2006)
Was a free download for a limited time. Now it’s not anymore – theoretically speaking.

Time Machine – Slow your roll (2004)
The kind of dope, intelligent and fun albums they don’t make so often, some people say.

Peace, 9@home