The original UK rap fossil, Rodney P, formerly of the legendary London Posse, straight kills it on his solo album from a few years back. His mixture of rap with his distinct  ragga twist goes like hand in glove with the outstanding production (check credits below).

I wish I could listen to this album out of a mountain of loudspeakers, but for the moment, I’ll have to turn it up in my tiny-ass headphones and hope I won’t go deaf before I’ve finished listening to the entire album again. I won’t front: I slept on this one for a while. But now I’ve realized what a great album this is so I’ll have to make sure y’all know. It’s bound to “nice up your area… Forreal…” (you’ll get it eventually.)


Rodney P – The Future (2004)

Rodney P & Skitz’ radio show on 1Xtra

London Posse on 

Rodders on (that is one long list there…)

Peace, 9@home