I vividly remember bumping this a LOT that same year when I spent several weeks in Spain on holiday, with nothing much to do. The killer track without any doubt is “Every Five Minutes”, produced by banger specialist Kutmasta Kurt. You’ll need to turn this up in your headphones real loud and severely bob your head to it. (Make sure your neighbours don’t see you like this. Mine did from the balcony opposite. They were close to calling an ambulance for me, from what I could tell by their gestures.)
Better than sex… or chocolate… (Make that better than average sex, and cheap chocolate. But clearly better than sex in chocolate… :)


Grand Agent – By Design (2001)

Ah, and while we’re at it, here’s his latest mini-album as well… It’s pretty short, but the production on it is outstanding. It’s entirely produced by OhNo. Dope!
Grab it now, thank me later.


Grand Agent – Under the Circumstances (2005)

Peace, 9@home