For years, this man has been active on the Italian scene, as an emcee, but also as a producer. This one is his eighth album (!), and if you pretend to be Italian (or French, Spanish, or Cockney) for a second and say the album title out loud in English, you can hear which number it is, too. (Get it?)

Davide Bassi aka Bassi Maestro hails from the city of Milano, in the north of the country, and he’s pretty much been a household name for years. But unlike his previous albums, this one he did entirely on his own. Both the verses and the production are by the man himself, and since he’s been around for so long, he’s made his own experience of hip-hop, his return to the roots and a tribute to the golden era the focus of the album. This results in a very personal approach to his beloved culture, and those of you who get the occasional word or two will hear that the passion for hip-hop is the exact same all around the world. And even if you don’t understand a damn word, it’s still great music to bob your head to and kick your feet up. Very recommendable album.


Bassi Maestro – Hate (2005)

And to round it all off, here’s a video off the album. It’s called Bang your Head…

Pace, 9@home