But let’s go back to Hamburg for another dose of classic Dynamite Deluxe stuff (see also here and here).

Before they dropped their milestone debut album in 2000, the crew made a name for itself with Samy’s scorching battle-type lyrics that were destroying everything there had been before and beats expertly crafted by DJ Dynamite and Tropf that redefined the headnod factor. But the two vinyl singles that had been available in the underground were soon out of print. Once their album had everybody’s attention, there was a huge demand for the group’s early material, so they dropped a Classic Vinyl Files EP which incorporated the first two 12″es on one CD. For its cover, the EP is also called the red EP: “Rote EP”.


1 Samy Deluxe
2 MCees
3 Pures Gift
4 Style Liga
5 Abführmittel

Dynamite Deluxe – Classic Vinyl Files (1999)

Soon after their album dropped, they released not just a single off the album, but, as it should be, they put out an EP that had the single “Grüne Brille” (=green glasses), a reference to how weed comforts him in this cold world, plus a dub version of the chilled-out album track “Lots of Signs” which features Hamburg reggae/soul singer Patrice, and on top of that, the extra track “So High” which sabotages the weed glorification we just heard on the Grüne Brille track by telling kids that if they can’t handle it, they better keep their hands off it. But the track that still takes the cake and makes this EP a must-own for everybody is without a doubt the one they called “!?!” for lack of a proper title. And quite appropriately, it does in fact leave listeners speechless and wannabe MCs sobbing into mommy’s apron. If I remember correctly, there had been no track before that one in the whole German-speaking world that combined double-time rapping with the kind of ill and funny punchlines like this. Samy single-handedly raised the bar for all battlecats out for fame. I still find myself going back to this track regularly. And to end the EP, they’ve included a few short freestyle heaters from live shows. Phew! What a record.


1 Grüne Brille ft. Eissfeldt
2 !?!
3 So High
4 Lots of Signs ft. Patrice (Dub Version)
5 Freestyle Live

Dynamite Deluxe – Grüne Brille EP (2000)

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