Next in line is Ali’s masterpiece which made others pale in comparison. Shadows on the Sun is what finally woke people up to realize how incredibly slept-on this kid from Minnesota was. I’m lost for words trying to describe how powerful, how well-crafted, complete and straight up honestly this album tells of Ali’s life, his attitude towards himself, the industry, his son and of his capabilities as an MC.

“Got the lungs of a cyclone, tongue of a python
The reason why your favorite MCs sleep with the lights on
Right on, brother, we def as fuck
Not ‘deaf’ like (Whaah?) but ‘def’ like (WHAT!!)”

from: Victory (Come Forward)

Brother Ali - Shadows on the Sun

1. Room With A View
2. Champion
3. Star Quality
4. Prince Charming
5. Win Some Lose Some
6. Pay Them Back
7. Blah Blah Blah (ft. Slug of Atmosphere)
8. Shadows On The Sun
9. Prelude
10. Forest Whitiker
11. Bitchslap!
12. Back Stage Pacin’
13. When The Beat Comes In
14. Missing Teeth
15. Dorian
16. Soul Whisper
17. Picket Fence
18. Victory! (Come Forward)

Brother Ali – Shadows on the Sun (2003)

Peace, 9@home