Basically, if you’ve read the Euphrates post, you don’t need much more explaining. This is Narcy’s sign of life while he’s working on his next stroke of genius coming out this autumn (yay!).

Stuck Between Iraq… is a mixtape of various original tracks, i.e. of shortish to normal-length joints he’s made with beats from various producers who’ve worked for him, and then there’s a bunch of classic beats that he gives a make-over with his own lyrics. From “Lost Dreams” on Kanye’s “Dreams”, to “Straight outta Basrah” on the obvious original (fucking fire!) to “Arabonics” on Big L’s “Ebonics” and more… you get the idea.

A great cross-section of Narcy’s recent work, and something to tide us over till he releases the monster he’s fiddling with at the moment.


Narcicyst – Stuck Between Iraq and a Hard Place (2006)

More of his music, much of it for free, is available on

Salaam, 9@home