After my other post on Hocus Pocus earlier on, here’s their second release from 1998. Before that, they’d only put out a mixtape called “Première Formule” (The first formula), so this one here is their second formula, but their first album. With only 1000 copies made at home, this shows their humble beginnings which were to make them famous in France and gradually also overseas.
At the time, the group consisted of two MCs, 20syl and Cambia who had only just been joined by DJ Greem. Soon after a few live gigs with the new album material, they disbanded, only for 20syl and Greem to re-unite in 2000 and work as a 1 MC 1 DJ duo, before they would multiply into the “Acoustic Hip Hop Quintet”, as their EP was called. And three years later, they eventually made the “73 touches” album, which you can get in the other post…

I don’t think these releases are available anymore except for the 12″es, so show a bit of appreciation and order something, for example their new album due very soon…


Hocus Pocus – Seconde Formule (1998)

01 – Seconde formule (intro)
02 – 100% autoproduction
03 – Une zone de tensions
04 – Les conquistadors
05 – Légende
06 – 10 que tu penses
07 – Taille
08 – Panique au saloon
09 – J’reste humble
10 – Coups 2 cross
11 – T.O.M.Y.mp3
12 – J’lache du leste
13 – Sals plans
14 – Tout dans le style
15 – D.contract
16 – Pas d’imposture
17 – 7.fa.7 (with hidden track)


01 – Malade
02 – Vip
03 – Coming Soon
04 – Camille
05 – On And On (Live)
06 – Bombastic Jazz Style (Live)
07 – Keep It Movin
08 – Malade (Live)

Hocus Pocus – Acoustic Hip Hop Quintet (2002)

… and these are two of the more recent 12″es that came out after the re-release of 73 touches (yes, this is the surface of the vinyls. Pretty, huh?):


Hocus Pocus – Hip Hop 12″ (2007)
ft. The Procussions


Hocus Pocus – Du Sable sur le Paupières (2007)
ft. Khondo and Mr. J. Medeiros of Procussions

And if you like this, keep your eyes and ears peeled for their long-announced and even longer-awaited brandnew album “Place 54” that is to drop in October. Ouèche-ouèche (I might add…)

And to round it all off: the video for “Hip Hop?” ft. The Procussions and some ill graphic work.

Paix, 9@home