So I just checked on my files and saw that some pathetic tosser’s actually taken the time to have quite a few of them deleted. Must’ve taken him the better part of his lonely and empty evening up in his room. But I understand… this is a cat-and-mouse game. I upload music and try to show my readers (that’s you) what kind of stuff I like, while hoping a few of you guys actually share my taste and might even go out and cop the odd album, because that’s how I really think it should work. And then somebody occasionally kills a file or two, cos they feel it’s not right what I’m doing. But it takes a right badass to do it this way.


The albums that have disappeared within the last 12h are not even related. Okay, there’s a grip of Gunshot and all of Brother Ali, but a lot more still and all that can’t possibly be owned by one and the same person or company, no matter how big the conglomerate. So I realized two things:

a) People don’t take my disclaimer (see bottom right) seriously. All you need to do is ask and I’ll take shit down. Always have done, always will do.

b) As much pride as I’ve taken in keeping my links alive, I figure if you haven’t got your mouse arrows on the material up on here by now, you’ll never.

So this post marks a change in policy: Whatever links prior to this posting are still working, I’ll leave them as they are. But I won’t necessarily re-upload them, should they fall victim to pathetic tosserism. I’ll leave the posts up there, and if a link’s not working, you’d have to ask really nicely to get me to do anything about it. (i.e. positively no bitching.)

But fret not, this is not the end. I ain’t givin in that easily. For all the posts that will follow, I’ll only keep the files up for one month. One month and then they’re down again (well, give or take). For you that means come here often, peep what’s new and don’t complain if you’ve missed out.

By the way, I’m not doing this cos I’ve gone soft or because I’m yielding to some coward bitch, but because I have a real life to live besides my blog, and this little hobby of mine is supposed to be fun, inspiring and productive, and not about playing hide-and-seek with some anally retentive toss-pot who’s desperate for any attention he might get.
I’ll still be posting about less-easy-to-find stuff that I think deserves your appreciation, maybe with a proper album review here or there, but if shit’s gone, you missed out.
See y’all in a few days, when I’m back with the freshness.

Peace y’all,