Now that we’ve established who Advanced Chemistry (AC) is, let’s go ahead and meet some of their buddies. This compilation is not only a platter for Germany’s “Old School” to represent itself, as the title says, but more of a celebration of the old school philosophy. A tribute to the Zulu Nation and its view of hip-hop as a culture of several elements. And what better way to manifest the idea than with a dope-ass cover made by UK graf legend Mode 2, whose characters, especially the fine ladies he painted, became something of a trademark.

The compilation unites some of Germany’s early birds, mainly from their city of Heidelberg, such as AC, Stieber Twins (dope producers, writers and then budding MCs), Boulevard Bou (who drops one in Turkish) with other old farts like producer and battle rapper Scopemann (of Rude Poets and STF), DJ Stylewarz of Bremen’s hardcore crew No Remorze, Zebroc Ski aka Zebster aka Akim Walta (who used to run MZEE, back when it was a fanzine, a label, a shop and basically THE platform for German hip-hop).


From Here To Fame/MZEE logo
(I still have a shirt with this on)

The odd one out on here is clearly MC René who, at the time must have been around 13 or 14. He was the freestyle Wunderkind from Braunschweig who left fans and the media hugely impressed with his energy and endless flows on stage, only to go on with a bunch of hit-or-miss singles and albums in the years that followed. Probably another case of freestyle-o-titis, i.e. dope live, but pretty meh on record. But that’s not the case with this track on here, mind you, and he represents “The new rhyme generation”.

The track on here that’s probably aged best is Torch’s “Kapitel 1”, which, in Germany has about the status that “The message” has, to which he refers.

“Ich weiss noch genau, wie das alles begann
The Message von Melle Mel war für mich wie ein Telegramm
und obwohl ich kein einziges Wort verstehen konnte, erkannte
ich was für ein Feuer in seinen Worten brannte…”

(I remember exactly how all this began
The Message by Melle Mel was to me like a telegram
and even though I couldn’t understand a single word I recognized
the fire burning in his words…)

These lines will forever be engrained in every hip-hop fan’s memory.


Alte Schule (VA) (1993)

Peace, 9@home