Those who swing by here on the regular already know that I’m a huge Brother Ali fan. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to see him live, even though he was over here in Switzerland a year ago, at the Montreux Jazz Festival, together with Atmosphere. The festival is great, but the tickets are a killer, and then there’s the question of where to sleep… So I had to pass on this one.

Anyway, to tide me and you over till we do get the chance to look homeboy into his pink and pale face, here are some live shows I’ve ripped off the bonus DVD included in his latest album “The Undisputed Truth”.

If you’re only going to peep one of them, make sure it’s the first one here below. He opens up with a bunch of verses over a medley of classic beats, starting with Straight outta Compton, going into Cypress Hill, KRS, P.E., etc. Just an ill show-opener for his home-crowd.

download: Brother Ali – 5th Element 6th Anniversary Party, Minneapolis 2005


download: Brother Ali live at Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), 2006


download: Brother Ali live at Scribble Jam


download: Brother Ali live at Paid Dues Festival, L.A. (CA)