Juaninacka (Juan Ignacio Guerrero) gathered his first experience making music in the Sevillan crew La Alta Escuela. After the group split up, Juaninacka put out one 12″ with the group’s DJ and then went solo to put out his first release in 2002, which was a 6-track promo EP. Then, the following year, he stepped it up with the Versión EP and, just another year later, he had his first full-length album out: Caleidoscopio. Last year, in 2005, he dropped the 12″ El Hombre to get people ready for what was to come. This year has seen the release of his latest solo album to date, which he says has been the most intense and demanding experience so far. And it shows. Luces de neon (Neon lights) gives us his most mature and introspective piece of music that easily holds its own in comparison to international standards.

So to kick it off, here’s the video to Hoy, the Accion Sanchez (SFDK) produced single off his current album for you to watch.

[no cover]

Promo (2002) (EP)

Versión (2003) (EP)

Caleidoscopio (2004) (LP)

El Hombre (2005) (12″)
(*edit: now including instrumentals and the very ill bonus!*)

Luces de Neon (2006) (LP)

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