You’re probably familiar with J. Armz’ instrumental compilations. They’re usually pretty dope already, but this one is straight fiyah. It’s all the classic beats we old farts grew up with and loved to def. Just look at the list and wet yourself… (re-upped)


01. Warm It Up, Kane (prod. by Big Daddy Kane) – Big Daddy Kane
02. Vapors (prod. by Marley Marl) – Biz Markie
03. I Got It Made (prod. by Howie Tee) – Special Ed
04. So What Ya Sayin’ (prod. by Erick Sermon) – EPMD
05. Microphone Fiend (prod. by Eric B.) – Eric B. & Rakim
06. Call Me D Nice (prod. by D Nice) – D Nice
07. Peter Piper (prod. by Jam Master Jay) – Run DMC
08. Public Enemy #1 (prod. by Bill Stephney) – Public Enemy
09. The Formula (prod. by Dr. Dre) – The D.O.C.
10. Ain’t No Half Steppin (prod. by Marley Marl) – Big Daddy Kane
11. Knowledge Me (prod. by Andre A. Brown) – Original Concepts
12. The Bridge Is Over (prod. by DJ Scott La Rock) – Boogie Down Productions
13. Play This Only At Night (prod. by Dennis Bell) – Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew
14. Paid In Full (prod. by Eric B.) – Eric B. & Rakim
15. My Adidas (prod. by DMC & Rick Rubin) – Run DMC
16. Rock The Bells (prod. by Rick Rubin) – LL Cool J
17. You’re A Customer (prod. by Erick Sermon) – EPMD
18. Top Billin (prod. by Daddy O) – Audio Two
19. Brooklyn’s In The House (prod. by Cutmaster DC) – Cutmaster DC
20. Young Gifted & Black (prod. by Marley Marl) – Big Daddy Kane
21. It’s My Thing (prod. by Erick Sermon) – EPMD
22. Self Destruction (prod. by KRS One & D Nice) – Stop The Violence Movement
23. The Bridge (prod. by Marley Marl) – MC Shan
24. Straight Outta Compton (prod. by Dr. Dre & DJ Yella) – NWA
25. Sucker MC’s (prod. by Larry Smith) – Run DMC
26. Nuthin’ (prod. by Doug E Fresh) – Dough E. Fresh
27. Children’s Story (prod. by Slick Rick) – Slick Rick
28. On The Radio (prod. by Sylvia Inc) – Crash Crew
29. Paul Revere (prod. by Rick Rubin) – Beastie Boys
30. The Overweight Lovers in The House (prod. by Marley Marl) – Heavy D
31. I’m Still #1 (prod. by KRS One) – Boogie Down Productions
32. Riker’s Island (prod. by Marley Marl) – Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
33. You Gots To Chill (prod. by Erick Sermon) – EPMD

J. Armz & DJ Cutmaster D.C. – How to be an MC 80s Edition Vol. 1 (2007)
two parts:
part 1 // part 2 (and mirror for part 2)

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