Now over in Copenhagen, Denmark, we’re stumbling across this dude called Tue Track, rapper and producer in the now defunct Malk de Koijn crew, and now on a solo venture under the alias Track 72.

There is little more to find out about the dude since my Danish is very patchy and there’s only so much info on the man in English. So whether we like it or not, we’ll probably have to just listen to his album to form our own opinion. Rockin is an excellent mixture of instrumentals inspired by 80s electro with a futuristic twist and state of the art hip-hop tracks with guest spots by the big names such as Craig G (yes THE Craig G), J-Ro of the Alkaholiks, Rasheed aka Maylay Sparks (the American expat living in Denmark now), Wildchild of the Lootpack and the usual suspects Static & Nat Ill (see here). Sadly enough, Track 72 doesn’t pick up the mic himself.

Whether it’s Track 72 on his own fumbling behind the boards and the decks or whether he invites his guests onto the tracks, this is one of the freshest sounding albums I’ve heard in a while. Rockin from start to finish.


Track 72 – Rockin (2005)*
*edit: re-upped

Track 72’s website
Track 72’s Myspace

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