Next up is a duo that, at least to me, seemed like they’d sprung up out of nowhere to cause a huge racket and then vanish to never be heard of again.
It’s Silver Bullet. Silver, the MC, with DJ Mo’ on the tables and they may well have had the hardest sound at the time. While Silver’s voice couldn’t quite rival that of Kamanchi Sly (see Hijack) or Gemini (see Hardnoise), he outdid them all when it came to creating this atmosphere of alertness and panic with his neckbreakingly fast delivery and clever rhyme schemes and DJ Mo’s fierce scratching over something that occasionally sounded like the end was nigh. THE standout track in my opinion, the fantastic “Bring forth the Guillotine”, has everything you need: a driving drum, howling wolves, mysterious voices, scary laughters, horn stabs, and lyrics with the most consistent use of alliteration I’ve come across since I know what that means.

The first lines still have me shuddering with pleasure:

Race wid the rapid rappin style bass
reincarnate delivery reembark the case
Re-advise the sucker who came to suckle on sound
retaliate in the dance if they won’t be down

Dictator of rap to demolish devastate

Pumpkin producer predict participate…

Hell, I still don’t know what on earth he’s talking about, but it sure sounds dope as fuck.

I’ve had their first and only LP sitting in my collection since it dropped in 1991, after hearing “Undercover Anarchist” on some buddy’s mixtape, but I realize I’ve never known much about them except that they were from England and probably from London. So, I’m not gonna act like I know, but I’ll just pass you on to people better-informed than myself so you can do the reading up yourself. Here’s an excellent review that fills you in on everything I couldn’t have put any better. It seems like the MC has been releasing more tracks as Silvah Bullet (what a stretch) but I can’t really tell you about those cos I’ve never heard any of them. (If you have, get at me.)
But for now, yet another classic album that deserves your attention. (Re-up.)

Silver Bullet – Bring Down the Walls… No Limit Squad Returns (1991)

Peace, 9@home