As I’ve said before (here and here), these twins are production legends. Back in 1997, when their first album dropped, I don’t think I’d heard this kind of sound on a German release. Their debut Fenster zum Hof (Window onto the courtyard – which is the German movie title for Hitchcock’s Rear Window) is also their only album on which they rap. Originally more heavily into graffiti writing and beat-making, Christian and Martin Stieber, the two residents of Heidelberg ventured into rhyming over their own beats, with some help from their extended crew of Curse, Aphroe (of R.A.G.), Tatwaffe (of Die Firma) and Scope and Fast Forward (of STF), all of whom call themselves La Familia. Beat-wise, they’re heavily influenced by the American Eastcoast flavour.


Stieber Twins – Fenster zum Hof (1997)

Apart from dropping verses and contributing beats and remixes for everybody and their mother’s albums, they’ve put out two (I believe) instrumental records, of which the more recent can be had below. It shows that they’ve since developed their craft even further. Some right headnodders on this one.

Meanwhile, real life has probably caught up with the two. They can still be seen spinning at clubs or doing the odd show, but apart from that, Martin runs a record and graffiti utensil shop called Flame, and Chris works as an architect. Fans are still waiting for their follow-up album…

Stieber Twins – Speechless (2006)

And now for some videos:

Stieber Twins – Schlangen sind giftig

Curse ft. Stieber Twins – Doppeltes Risiko
The track that exposed Curse to an audience before he went on to blow up as the next best thing since Sauerkraut.

DJ Tomekk ft. Stieber Twins, Curse, Prodigal Sunn & GZA – Ich lebe für Hip-Hop
Chris at his personal best, if you ask me.

Stieber Twins – Escape
Off their “Speechless” instrumental album. Ill video.