Aitor Millán Fernández, producer and MC from Málaga, who goes by the names of Jefe de la M, Bobby Lo or Mari Nakome, is among the most influential and most central hip-hop figures in the South of the country, if not in all of Spain. Even though he can hold down the mic and the production boards on his own, he usually has a bunch of friends over for guest-verses, such as Dogma Crew from his hometown of Málaga or old-time Sevillan homies SFDK, Tote King, Shotta, Keyo and countless others. On the production side, he does the greatest part himself but he can count on support from Big Hozone and Acción Sánchez (SFDK) who have been involved in all of his releases so far.

His energetic flows with a distinct Southern Spanish accent fit the straight boom-bip beats that are reminiscent of American Eastcoast beats. I would even go so far as to say Jefe’s beats can easily keep up with Premier’s. At other times he goes all mellow and calm, leaving room for reflection and deeper thought, while one thing always shines through: he’s definitely a contender for the best MC behind the knobs left or right of the Atlantic ocean.


Jefe de la M – Entra el dragón (2003)

Produced by Jefe de la M, and one track each by Big Hozone and Acción Sánchez.

1. Quien es Bobby Lo
2. Entra el dragón
3. Quien es el jefe
4. Recuerdos (con Tito)
5. Tal vez lo podréis negar
6. La plaga (con Chojín)
7. Disciplina (con Tote King)
8. Málaga es caliente (con Triple XXX)
9. Cambiarme el chándal (con Dogma)
10. Respeto es oro (con Keyo)
11. La gran huida (con Shotta)
12. Ciencia de calle (con Spanish Fly)
13. Generación M (con Joven Simo, el Niño, Jackie e Ijah)
14. Vinieron a retarme (con Zatu)
15. Ni retirada ni rendición (con Nach)
16. No hay sitio 2003


Jefe de la M – Versus EP (2004) (includes instrumentals)

Produced by Big Hozone, Scratches by Acción Sánchez.

1. Versus
2. Cambios
3. De profesión Mc’s
4. Versus (Instrumental)
5. Cambios (Instrumental)
6. De profesión Mc’s (Instrumental)


Jefe de la M – Escapismo (2005) (double album)

Disc 1 // Disc 2

Produced by Jefe de la M, Big Hozone, Acción Sánchez, El Hazhe and Frank T.

CD 1:
1. Prólogo
2. Resurrección
3. La fuente
4. Rap session colonia 4 life
5. Jugar a ganar
6. La máscara
7. Rap session flavia
8. Nadie alrededor
9. Prozac 2005
10. De profesión Mc (Revisited)
11. Rap session a pelo
12. Negocios

1. Intro
2. Escapismo
3. Movimientos
4. Tirar la toalla
5. Consecuencias
6. Rap session mi momento
7. Haga lo que haga
8. Piensa lento
9. Rap session pulso
10. La clave
11. Outro


And most recently, before Jefe releases his next album titled La Bestia Dentro (The Beast Within) slated for April, he slaps us with a mixtape of 9 tracks where he raps over previously published beats.

[no cover]

La Inquietud – La Mixtape (2007)

1. Palabras queman
2. Enfermo de RAP
3. Versos de infarto
4. No más drama
5. Como nuevo
6. Inquietud (con Roockye Jacky)
7. Recreación
8. Hijoputas caen
9. Más vale


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