Chords is back! It’s taken him 5 years to hit us again with a rap album. And it was worth the wait.

Chords - Things we do for things

After his solo debut “Garden around the Mansion”, he was busy in reggae band “Helt Off” and held down some guest appearances, vocal and production, on J-Ro’s latest album among other things (which was in great part produced in Sweden and appeared on Juju Records, just like Chords, Timbuktu and more great Swedish cats).

The album’s got this movie theme going, starting with the cover, but continuing with a movie poster design for each track in the booklet. Production is, as almost always, handled by the Breakmecanix fellas. Now, the album’s only dropped a week ago, so I don’t find it in me to leak the whole thing to you. But to give you an impression of his offhanded prowess, here are two tracks for your ear pleasure, plus his latest video.

On “Crazy Fugese vs. Rilly Real”, which one could call a skit, Chords hands out a few quick punchlines and promptly destroys the cipher he’s stepped into. Some funny shit.

This is followed immediately by “Stay hungry”, a track on the glory of making it out of the gutter and about what it takes not to lose your head and forget where you’ve come from. The whole thing is aided by an ill beat. But listen for yourselves.

To top this off, here’s the first single off the album, “Luckiest Man Alive”, with his creative buddies, he keeps coming up with original ideas for videos, and just when you thought that Chords was this lewd battle-monster, he flips the script on you and delivers some smooth vibe like this one, complete with a slick outfit like a car salesman on his first date out.

In case you were wondering what this dope little melody is that opens up the track, it’s Senegalese club band Orchestra Baobab – Mouhamadou Bamba. I could listen to this all day and not get tired of it.

Ah, hell, here, peep is yourselves. Starting 32 secs into the song.

Now, for the video…