No excuses, but I’ll keep it short and leave it to you to do some legwork.

As so often with a budding music scene, the crews’ first steps are collected on compilations, to compensate for the fact that not everybody’s got to the point where they can drop full albums or even an EP. Same here. Back in 1992, this comp was put out to shine some light on some names that would later make it big and become the embodiment of quality German hip-hop per se, and some names would forever be confined to a few 12” releases and later disappear again. The two names that are to this day alive and well are Absolute Beginner (known as Beginner now, and only about half the members left) and, of course, Advanced Chemistry.

1 Deep Coloured – High
2 Absolute Beginner – K.E.I.N.E.
3 Readykill – War Theatre Of Operations ’91
4 Easy Business – Save The Kids (Remix)
5 No Remorze – Killa Squad
6 AJ, Big Talks & The DJ – Soul Prologue
7 Cora E – Swift
8 2BIAS – Hier Im Viertel
9 2LO – How To Kill A Sucka
10 Advanced Chemistry – Fremd Im Eigenen Land
11 Eric “IQ” Gray – Sensimilla (Remix)

Kill The Nation With A Groove (VA) (1992)

(Yeah, I’m not feeling the artwork either, but remember handdrawn posters and flyers for jams and concerts? The cover itself oozes this spirit of self-made, fuck-everything-who-can-draw-something pioneer attitude. I love it anyway.)

I can’t even tell you about all of the above, but if you’ve always wanted to hear how so-called Britcore influenced German hip-hoppers at the time, listen to Readykill and No Remorze. It’s got the hair on my back standing on end.

For the rest, a look at Discogs might help.

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