… while on vacation on the mediterranean coast.

One thing I miss most when I’m abroad is usually decent bread. And right next is the music I somehow managed to not take along. And this time the lack of music was exacerbated by the fact that my pod is broken and I had to make do with a 254 MB player. In other words: two albums. (In case you were wondering, they were the Mulatu Astatke & Heliocentrics gig (awesome stuff) and the latest Lone Catalysts album.)

But while digging round the beach, catching jellyfish and burying them in the sand and letting my ass float in the pool, I kept humming a couple of joints and muttering lines to the point that I started to wonder what the other people might think is wrong with me. (No, they were not your obvious summer songs. What a fuckin cliché anyway. Like I’m going to listen to Bob’s No woman no cry all summer long?)

Obviously, as soon as I got home I had to blast these tracks right into my face so I could finally let them go and move on. So, here they are. All of them are heaters, and all can be found on my blog already, in their natural habitat, i.e. on the corresponding albums. Ahi va…

SFDK – El liricista en el tejado (The lyricist on the roof)
off their album 2001 Odisea en el lodo
Easily one of their best tracks combining the rough sound of Zatu’s voice with a playful and hellishly catchy horn loop and beat.


Tote King – El primer dia del resto de tu vida (The first day of the rest of your life)
off his album Un tipo qualquiera
On here, Tote tells the engineer to put one of Big Hozone’s beats on so he can drop some leftover verses he has in his rhymebook. Tote spits like a beast and as he himself says about the beat “madre mia!” Btw, on the same album, the same beat is used for a guest joint with Vast Aire, which isn’t half as good.


Jefe de la M ft. Shotta – La gran huida (The great escape)
off his album Entra el dragón
Jefe de la M gets Tote’s little brother Shotta on a track that kills me every time I listen to it. This is officially one of my 10 favourite beats ever. Seriously. And both bring that fire to the mic. Incredible track.