**Edit: With their second album coming out every moment and the crew going on tour again I reckon it’s time for a re-up of their first album. I’m looking forward to seeing the RSA live not once but twice within the next few weeks.**

Clockwise from the top: Pan, J.J. Flueck, Black Tiger, EJ von Lyrik, Shameema, Greis, Burni Aman

A rare gem of intercontinental collaboration between some of South Africa and Switzerland’s finest. This album is centered around the connection between Pan and Greis, two MCs from Berne, Switzerland, on the one side and the female trio Godessa from Cape Town on the other. After Godessa performed a few gigs in Switzerland in 2004, they met and decided to stay in touch by visiting each other. In several recording sessions over the course of one and a half years, and with the financial help of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, they put together songs. In addition, each side brought on a good bunch of friends to make appearances on the album whose entire proceeds go to the “Party with a purpose productions” self-help project in the Cape Flats.

You’ll hear people rapping in English, French, Swiss German and Afrikaans (the latter two may be hard to tell apart for the uninitiated, but never mind), subject matters ranging from very particular issues like South African apartheid (peep “Pencil Test” – killer track!) and standing up for one’s rights to the universal themes that connect hip-hop heads around the world.

If you live in Switzerland or South Africa you should be able to grab this album and contribute a few Francs or Rands to charity, or you go see them live in your area. Please do.


1. Rise Up Now / Jitsvinger – Greis – EJ von Lyrik
2. Heavy Mental / Godessa & Whodis
3. Can’t Stay / Rennie & Shameema
4. 2gether / Mr. Dmus & Pan
5. S.O.F.I.A. / Greis & Burni Aman
6. Pacifiers (Double Rebellion-Mac With Cheese) / Burni Aman & Greis
7. One Day / Burni Aman – Greis – Shameema – Alexus President
8. Won’t Stop / Pan – Cross – Burni Aman
9. Pencil Test / Godessa & Greis
10. Kabels / Jitsvinger & Pan
11. Truth Is / Sky 189 – Seven – Greis – Pan
12. Planet I / Burni Aman – EJ von Lyrik – Chicu – Pan
13. Indie Takeover / Black Tiger – Jitsvinger – Robbe – Aman – Baze – Dimitri – Mr. Dmus – Perspektif – Gaston – Pan
14. The Reason Why / Jean Pierre – Perspektif – Pan
15. Do The Things / Godessa – Black Tiger – Rennie
16. Wake Up Call / Dubmasta China – Pan – Perspektif
17. Breakin’ The Barriers / Pan – Burni Aman – Cross
18. Broese Brasse / Mr. Dmus & Jitsvinger
19. Life / Teba feat. Tumi & EJ von Lyrik

Rogue State Alliance – Rogue State of Mind (2006)


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