Do not want Afrikaans!

Do not want Afrikaans!

33 years ago the South African Apartheid regime decided to take yet another crushing step onto the non-white population by enforcing Afrikaans as the sole language of instruction at schools. The protests that ensued in Johannesburg’s black townships called Soweto (South Western Townships) on June 16, 1976 lead to the police shooting countless schoolchildren to enforce their “order”.

The incident marks one of the most decisive moments under Apartheid rule, one which echoed worldwide and slowly mobilized more and more people to oppose the white South African government, ending in boycotts and massive pressure on South Africa to introduce reforms.

To keep with the spirit, here’s a classic posse track that uses a vocal sample from Miriam Makeba and demands Nelson Mandela’s release. The ANC activist and lawyer was incarcerated for 27 years and became the symbol of Apartheid oppression.

Afrika Bambataa – Hip-Hop against Apartheid: Ndodemnyama (Free South Africa) (Video Mix) (1989)

ft. X Clan, Queen Latifah, Shango, Tashawn, Revolucien, Grand Puba, Kings Of Swing, UFTO, Malibu, Master Rob, Jungle Brothers, Positive K, Isis, Kid Sevile, Arthur 4X, Lakim Shabazz, Diamond D, Brand Nubians, Audio Two and more.

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