You know your name’s become a staple of every household when you keep being referenced in rap songs of people who probably don’t even watch the news all that much, or who could barely walk when he was still on the telly.


Walter Cronkite reporting from Vietnam in 1968

So while I have little to say about the man himself that hasn’t been said by people who actually knew about him, and to turn this back into a hip-hop post, these are some of the joints I found in my collection where he gets a mention, good or bad.

The Creators ft. Phil da Agony – Kronkite

Keep the game tight, Walter Cronkite,
whatever we write we recite,
the key to the light, is simply keeping the game tight
every days and every night, the darker the light
remarkable mics, three strikes… [what?!]


Das EFX – Jussumen

So cool out, Purno, I burn you no jive
I wickity wax that scalp just like Alberto V.O. Five
Diggity damn right half pint, i taste great like Bud Lite
I’m well known like Spike or Walter Kronkite
Cause we’re.. jussumen…


Cru – Lisa Lipps

It’s the Mighty Ha, I’m a street Bronx, I
Deliver the real like Walter Chronkite
God I’m a destiny, black man
Devil’s in the rain receive the backhand


Lord Finesse ft. OC & KRS-One  – Brainstorm

Originally, it’s the same the vet
I’m on that get rich list, but they didn’t call my name yet
I make it special like a prom night I bomb mics
while other brothers are old news like Walter Kronkite