Okay so I haven’t posted in a little while. Guess what, I’m still around. Besides everything else I need my time for, I’ve been hatching a slightly new concept for this here little blog of mine. No, it’s not gonna revolutionize the world or be that “next level” kinda shit everybody’s apparently putting out, but there’s one thing I wanna do more, and that’s promote good talent that’s out there. And by that I mean shed a spotlight on people who do the unthinkable: make great music for free, just so you ungrateful mofos can leech away without feeling bad about it (as if!). ;)

For those that don’t follow me that closely, you may wanna look at this discussion on strictlybeats where the talk has been about bringing in more FOR the artists as well. Saves me re-interating my arguments. Or look at “My Fileosophy” above.

Anyhow, long story short: I’m resuming posting. There’ll be good music from a few years back that I wanna talk about, especially to continue my series of UK and German hip-hop, maybe mix in some Swiss goodness as a new thing, plus some quality music that’s available for free that you should definitely wrap your ears around.

And for those of you who make music but lack the platform to promote it, get at me and chuck me a link or two. If I like it, and only if I really feel it, I’ll write a few lines about your shit. Holla! :)