Thanks to this impressive website chockfull of free legal material, I’ve stumbled over this group by chance – and it makes me wonder how much more dope music is out there that I should know of.

Complot is a hip-hop trio from the Spanish city of Elche. Their constellation is what I might call the new classic formula. One MC, a DJ and a producer, leaving the rapping to one guy and focusing on the music with double the staff. So while MC Trondosh spits top-notch bars, DJ Darke keeps the platters in check and Viccpro cranks out the beats. And if a bit more rapping is in order, hell, let’s just ring up a few buddies from the Elche/Alicante area as well as other southern cities to drop a few verses on their tracks. The Alicante area gets a bit less national attention than Sevilla, Malaga, Barcelona or Madrid, but there’s a lot of talent worth keeping an ear on. I’ll go on record and say that these three underground cats can quite comfortably keep up with the top dudes on Spain’s hip-hop scene. So get this free stuff, cos their next release “The Show” from 2009 wasn’t free anymore, strictly speaking.

Now, I encourage you to browse the whole website which lets you dl entire albums, beats and whatnot, but the file names and tags tend to be an awful mess. So as a service to you, here’s the neatly formatted album for your convenience.

1. Intro [Producido por Viccpro]
2. Duro como acero (con Lesky)
3. Amor adolescente (con Miss)
4. Naufragos (con El Cerebro) [Producido por Viccpro]
5. Mi magia (con Sucios de mente) [Producido por Viccpro]
6. Esperanza
7. La jaula (con Zackattack y Nitro) [Producido por Viccpro]
8. Prepara un tratamiento (con L.E. Flaco) [Producido por Viccpro]
9. Maquinaria (con BLS) [Producido por Viccpro]
10. Dj Darke vs DJ Gori (con Dj Gori) [Producido por Trondosh]
11. Seguimos con lo nuestro (con Nikoh E.S) [Producido por Trondosh y Nikoh E.S]
12. Reloj atemporal (con Contaco tactico) [Producido por Viccpro]
13. Romanticos (con Yusti y Borja) [Producido por Viccpro]
14. Outro [Producido por Viccpro]

Complot – Volúmen 1 (2007)