John Smith, mcenroe and Yy, all from the beautiful provice of Manitoba, Canada. While being independently active within the Peanuts & Corn collective, they’ve also put out two albums as Park-Like Setting. Do not be fooled by whatever you think you know or don’t know about Manitoba, this album is a great listen. Some nice relaxed tongue in cheek lyrics and fresh production by the work-animal mcenroe who produces for damn nearly everyone on his label, besides rapping, artwork and whatnot.


1 Wax On, Wax Off
2 Cut Once ft. Pip Skid
3 Craftsmen
5 Short Pants Long Sleeves
6 Overrated
7 Eight Bars Each ft. Birdapres, Cadence Weapon, Evil, Gruf, Pip Skid, Satchill Paige
8 By My Lonesome
9 Bush League Psych-outs
10 Barbie Doll Eyes
11 The Five Year Plan
12 Church Of The Poisoned Mind
13 The Boss Of Me
14 Our Turn (Scratches by Hunnicutt)
15 Small Market Team

Park-Like Setting – Craftsmen (2005)

Park-Like Setting label site

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