Hailing from Arnhem, Netherlands, this duo of Dave Redi and Mr. Ramble have put out their debut album early this year, in February, only to follow it up with a remix album this October, which features work by Henning, Jeejaa, DangarusC (Nation of E.L.Z.I.), DJ A-Z Atic, L. Reinders for Colt Chillin and many more. (Yes, I don’t know any of those names either, but the beats are wonderful nevertheless.)

Suffice it to say, both are top notch quality. Great relaxed-mood music to bob your head to.

But listen for yourselves, cause the beauty of it all is they’re offering both albums for zilch on their bandcamp site.

Happy Thanksgiving, or whatever.

For The Record (February 2010)

Off The Record (October 2010) (Remix album)