Building a whole lotta steam before he launches his new album “The Sounds of Lowclass America” in May 2012, I Self Devine has dropped not one, not two, but (aw shucks you guessed it by now) mixtapes for the people.

What feels great about this guy is that he’s been around for a while now, being part of The Micranots, among more groups, writing graf, organizing communities in the Twin Cities and taking a firm stand for the vast majority of Americans: the non-rich folks. (Take that you crystal-sipping sellouts.) I’m not sure if artists come much more complete than this.

Check out this whopping serving of free material, and see if you’d like to support this hard-working man when his album drops.

L.A. State of Mind (2012)


The Upliftment Struggle (2012)


Reports from the Field: In the Trenches (2012)


I Self Devine Website