Quite simply, this blog is less about my person than about the music I enjoy. I would like to share great music with other aficionados in the world, maybe in places where they wouldn’t even have the chance to hear of the musicians, even if they wanted to.

Obviously, and I really mean this, if anyone has any way or the means to actually buy the odd record, please do. Most of the music you will find here is made by more underground or less-known artists and they deserve to not only be heard all over the world, but also to earn a bit of money with the hard work and genius they’ve put into these pieces of art. Support the artist whenever you can.
Enough talk, just peep my blog to get an idea what this is really about.


25 Responses to “About: music”

  1. alley al Says:

    peace. you just moved? if you don’t mind my asking, how come?

  2. Yeedo Says:

    nice work. will change your link over as soon as i can. i see a few people hopping over to wordpress? will have to have a look myself at what they offer. i think blogger is pretty nice tho and it helps they owned by google so search engines love my ass! but no matter what site you on, the content is sure to be good…peace

  3. David Says:

    Nice site man and a great job

  4. Hi, very good job.

  5. Very very nice site, i liked alot.
    I was looking for your email in this page but i dont find it.
    If you can visit my blog about Hiphop, and if you liked, can you please add me to your links, thanks.

  6. Jamz Says:

    Hey, great job running this blog! i’ve enjoyed alot of the albums posted here.

    thanks for you work man, peace from Denmark.

  7. straight Says:

    Yo, if you’re interested in affiliating hit me back at my mail or cbox. peace!

  8. Phonics Says:

    what up 9@home.

    Big respect to you and the strictly beats team.
    I’m just dropping a comment to see if you would be interested in posting my production album or an instrumental version on either of your blogs. get at me!

    stay pushin the real ish!


  9. Grad Says:

    hey, do you have this release?

    Grindin Vol.1 (Mixed By Mr Thing??

    if so could you please upload it, ive been looking for it for a long time.

    please get back to me.

  10. rcamileshigh Says:

    Yo I’m really feelin’ what you said about these artists deserve not only to be heard all over the world, but to make their well deserved chips as well. If it’s cool I wanna submit my beat tape to your blog, I don’t need no money I just wanna be heard. I got a jazzy/funky style to my beats if you wanna peep: http://rcamileshigh.wordpress.com

    It’s the first joint on my page. 20 Instrumental boom bap Hip Hop beats. If you wanna add anything else to go for it bro. Peace

    1. 9@home Says:

      Whatup. Let me peep these joints and get back at you, aight?

  11. Javier Says:

    Nice site, thanks for your music knowledge contribution.

  12. UnmovedMover Says:

    Yo bro you might want to remove your Euphrates download links. I just came accross this at http://www.youtube.com/user/tuckdragon Just thought id let you know. peace.

    Peace tuck,

    How you doing? I want to first thank you for being a supporter of my music, Euphrates and the homie rugged intellect. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is the Narcicyst. I am writing you to ask you to remove all the songs off the Euphrates Collection from your site. We recently signed a digital distribution deal with Universal Music Group and they will be doing a full fledged internet assault on all those who use our music online, which might cause you a bit of legal trouble. Therefore, for legal reasons and copyright/ownership reasons, you must remove all our songs in the next 24 hours. If compliance is faced with difficulty, then they will contact you with legal ramifications. I respect people who respect our music and would want to avoid them getting in any kind of trouble for supporting. Anything off my mixtapes is ok, but the Euphrates albums must go down.

    Thank you for understanding,

    1. 9@home Says:

      Thanks for the heads up. Not that I’m extremely worried by such things, but like I say in my disclaimer, I take the artist’s own requests seriously, even if the dude never contacted me in person. But down they are. I guess if people haven’t got them by now, they can’t be helped. And there are a few of those double CDs left to buy from the man directly, for a measly $20. I mean, how cheap is that?

  13. Louis Says:


    I discovered your blog a few hours ago while looking for some of the older Hocus Pocus stuff, Seconde formule. I’d never been on a music blog before but I absolutely loved yours. It’s very well written, I had a blast just reading it, and more importantly the artists you talk about are amazingly good. I already knew a few (IAM, Brother Ali, Hocus Pocus off the top of my head), but I discovered over twenty new artists that sound great from a first hearing. I have no idea where I’m going to be able to find all these awesome albums since a lot of good links are dead (Why would *anyone* do that??? Some of that stuff I probably won’t ever be able to download, let alone buy!), but I know I won’t rest until I’ve found them. I’ve rarely discovered so many awesome artists in so little time, and I just wanted to thank you for that. Shit, you’ve just influenced the music I’ll be listening to for the next years more than any other website I’ve stumbled upon!

    Keep up the amazing work if you can please!

    1. 9@home Says:

      Aw, man… thanks for the buttering up. I needed that. ;)
      Well since you’re so throroughly enjoying yourself around here, let me know if a link you wanted to check out is dead. I’ll re-up when I find the time. Gotta make sure you’re sorted out with fresh music till you hit retirement. ;)
      Peace out, 9

  14. Louis Says:

    Aight thanks a lot man. I’m going to go through you whole blog first to double check every link and try to find the rest on my own first.
    I don’t know if IAM has been touring since they’re latest album, but I found out a few months back that they’ll be at the Dour festival this year (http://www.dourfestival.be/fr). Just thought I should let you know, I was there in 2007 and there was Hocus Pocus and Wu-Tang Clan amongst other dope stuff. It’s one of my deepest regrets that I hardly knew Hocus Pocus, had never listened to Wu-Tang and that it was too hot for me to be bothered. Even thinking about it right now makes me want to bash my head against a wall… Anyhow the festival was dope, and I wouldn’t miss it in the world with IAM there this year. Roots Manuva will also be there and a few other Hip-Hop artists I don’t know about yet.

  15. insanemacbeth Says:

    trying to find you, bro.



    get in touch.



  16. David Says:

    I usually don’t comment on websites but this one is so relevant and well put together that I just had to stop and say,GREAT WEBSITE.

  17. Heyzeus Says:

    hey man i got some stuff to send you, fwd me your email add please

    1. 9@home Says:

      Why not just drop me a link in here? E-mailing things is so 90s… ;)

  18. Monika Says:

    Yo 9@home,

    I was too young in the late 80’s/90’s to understand hip-hop, and now as an adult and a fan, I always feel like I missed out on something amazing. Your blog is like re-living the golden age. So, I am reading it like a book and very happy to say I have paid tribute to a lot of the artists mentioned here.

    Respect to your fileosophy but I want you to know that as long as I can find it out there I will be buying the artists work that I discover on your site.

    Shout out on the Algerian post. I am a huge Intik & MBS fan, and as a Canadian it is sometimes hard get into the scene beyond North America.

    You have given back man. Here is to a new era, and the Internet.

    Seriously respect,


    1. 9@home Says:

      Why thank you for your kind comment! It’s days like these when I might be encouraged to make time and pull out my hands from under my ass and whip up another post. ;)

  19. khaderbai Says:


    I’d like to submit my latest project:
    d’schildchrodd, music by khaderbai

    You can download the album on bandcamp

    You can listen to the album on soundcloud

    You can watch the corresponding video on youtube

    Or visit khaderbai on facebook

    I’d appreciate greatly any form of support and would be thrilled if you’d consider posting some of the material on your site.

    I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy my music,


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