I’ve noticed recently that I may be a bigger hypocrite than I used to think. But first things first.

What am I doing here anyway?
One of the reasons why I run this blog is because my yearning for new and exciting music by far exceeds my budget. And while I grab a lot of music from the other blogs out there, I figure that he who taketh shall also give. If it hadn’t been for the countless fantastic bloggers and file sharers who keep digging up old and new gems for the world to enjoy and find out about, I wouldn’t even know half of the artists I consider my favourites nowadays. And about three or four times a year, i.e. when I happen to have a bit of cash left in the bank, I splash out and buy those CDs that I’ve enjoyed the most, even if I’ve nearly played them to death on my mp3 player already. Despite lots of GBs of music on my computer, I still prefer leafing through a well-made CD booklet and reading through the lyrics, checking out the production credits, the artwork and whatever else the artist has packed onto the CD or record inlay. Also because I really see it as a sign to tell the artists to keep doing what they’re doing.

What is this all about?
Having said that, I’ve tried to stick to some kind of moral code and focus more on older or hard-to-find material than on the latest major label release by MC Bigdeal. I try to talk a bit more about the cats not everybody sees on MTV all the time. Believe it or not, I like to think that this will actually benefit them through the additional exposure. By giving the downloaders the entire thing to listen to so they can take their time to decide if it’s really that good. I’m sure that a truly dope album will stand both the test of time and the test of frequent replays. For every couple of dozen freeloaders, there are a few cats who will keep an eye out for the artist’s legit album, or maybe his next one, or go check him out when he comes through on a tour leg. In other words, underground cats or those with poor distribution will profit from the extra promo the blogs generate and in the long run, the artists will also end up selling more of their work or be able to hit up more cities on their tours, which is what really earns them the skrills to pay the bills.

“Representin my hood”
Then again, to come back to my initial statement, I find that I’m reluctant to post stuff by artists from my country, partly, because most cats rap in their local German dialects which even Germans have problems to understand. (This does not apply to the French-speaking Swiss who tend to sell quite well in other francophone countries as well or to the very few artists who rap/sing in English.) But it’s also because here in Switzerland, among the many dozen groups and solo artists that are releasing 12″es and albums, only a small handful can actually make a living on their work. Even the highly respected old-schoolers keep their dayjobs, at least part-time, to be able to make ends meet. And since I know a few of them, and seeing they still ride the bus to work, I think it would be unfair to spoil the market for them. And this is where I contradict myself, it seems. However, I think it’s mainly to do with how big the potential market for an artist from Switzerland is. An album that sells a few thousand copies nationwide is doing fine already, and there is only so much more that artists rapping in a local dialect can aim for outside their own language region. (Should this blog become the massive success I plan it to be, I’ll probably consider boosting the odd artist through the roof and give them a career on the stages of this world, cos I’m nice like that. :) )

Luckily, the local stigma can be overcome by the DJs and producers who speak with their hands. DJ Def Cut or Claud are probably the best known producers of them, making beats for major German artists as well. Let’s hope that cats realize their international potential, kinda like Underclassmen do who have landed distribution deals in the US as well as Korea and other countries. Me, I’ll probably try to figure out a way of introducing you to the many noteworthy cats here in my neck of the woods without posting the entire albums. At least not the brandnew ones, I guess.

And one last thing for the copycatters…
I’ve noticed that there’s a bunch of bloggers out there who make it a habit to rack file links from other blogs and forums, so their own blogs look like they’re the shit. What’s more, some of them don’t even make the effort to write a few lines themselves, but they copy entire blog posts as they are from others and put them on theirs. I’ve found a few of mine on others, without even the slightest mention of me, or a little link back to the “source”. That’s just plain disrespectful. If you’re gonna use my links, go ahead, but you could at least say where it’s from. That’s all I ask for.

Peace out,



32 Responses to “My Fileosophy”

  1. Hey whats up?

    i just discovered your blog some weeks ago, and been reading through it when i got some time.

    I think what you doing is interesting and helps to spread music.

    Actually i am from Spain, but residing in UK at the time, and I was suprised when i saw the reviews about Falsaalarma and SFDK.

    Well, if you are interested in getting other spanish hip hop material to review or just to listen i can recomend you some stuff from the part of Spain i am from, Galicia.

    I drop a couple of names.
    First one will be El Puto Coke. He’s been dropping material since ten years ago, but with not to much media coverage. His last release was through his webpage http://www.elputocoke.com. You can find all the songs and videos, as music from other people that work with him.
    Other artist, in this case my brother, named Shelar should be interesting to check out. At the moment there is no oficial webpage, but some stuff is hanged up on http://www.myspace.com/shelar29 . He also works with El Puto Coke.
    From both of them u should be able to find stuff in youtube, emule and all this webpage/programs.

    Well…hope u enjoy the stuff and anything u need just get in contact with me

  2. DEUCE Says:

    I really appreciate and share your views. Keep up doing your thing!
    Respect from Berlin!

  3. Blub Says:

    Thanks for all the info posted about the artists and albums.You got some good music up in here.Got one question.I have no clue were to request for a certain album so I guess here’s were I’ll do it.Grand Agent By Design.i can’t find it anywhere.Cool if u can.Cool if you can’t.Stay positive.Peace!

  4. 9@home Says:

    It’s funny you should ask… I do have GA… hold on a sec…

  5. David Says:

    i really apreciate ur work man and so ur effort to upload so many master pieces, and i wabt to tell you that i enjoy too a nice piece of art in a original cd case, i have already about 100 original cds, all imported i’m from chile son good music is hard to find in here, but i have my owns and a few dvds too.
    keep on!

  6. flizzer Says:

    geile siech! ;)

  7. Onra Says:

    same for arnie.

    you are killing us.

    you can take if u want to, but dont spread and share.

    you are killing us artists.

    this music shit cant even pay the bills an food just becaue stupid guys like arnie spread the music all over the globe.

    i mean, you can do that to madonna or michael jackson, but not to independent artists, that is not fair.

    same for arnie, one day or another, life will make you pay for that.

    think twice.


  8. Onra Says:

    cest marrant je viens de lire ton truc sur les suisses.
    mais cest la meme chose pour tout lemonde mec.
    vraiment, tu nous rends la vie encre plus difficile, jaimerais bien que tu sois a notre place pour voir ce que ca fait.
    je suis degoute par des gars comme toi.

  9. Okay, as I said, I can understand. But I actually believe that in the long run, the blogs generate more promotion and help spread an artist’s name.

    To give you an example: In Napster times, I first stumbled upon “The Unknown Prophets”. I found this track “4 the Kidz” and kept looking for everything by them. Then there’s one track with Brother Ali on it. So, at some point, I go and look for his material. At the time, there was only Shadows on the Sun, just freshly released. I have bought every single album and EP of Brother Ali that has since come out. And that wouldn’t have been possible without filesharing. And each time, I did have the albums and EP before I bought them. I just believe that I’m not the only music lover who works like that.

    There will always be so-and-so many thousands who just download it, because it’s free. But of all those only a few hundred, or maybe just a dozen or so would have bought the album/EP/single/DVD in the first place. Be it because they couldn’t afford it or because the thing’s not even available where they live.
    But at the same time, these thousands have had a chance to really get to know the material, and if the artist keeps going, even on a small scale, and if they like the material, they’ll remember the name when they see it on a tour poster or on the next album.

    And just cos I’m curious, who is “we”? Are you an artist? If so, have I heard of your name? (Obviously, you’re NOT Jay Dilla ;) Are you this dude? http://www.myspace.com/onra

    Tu vois, si un artiste ou un employé d’une labelle m’écrit et me dit, arrête ça, enleve ce lien-là, je le fais sans discuter. (check mon post de Brand New Heavies. Là, dans le commentaires, tu verras de ce que je parle.)

    Et normalement je n’offre pas de matériel qui est tout nouveau. D’habitude, les disques ont déjà quelques ans ou au moins, des mois. Je crois honnêtement que ça ne fait pas mal aux artistes.

    Merci de ton commentaire,


  10. Why I suddenly felt I had to switch languages, I don’t know. I guess my head suddenly started working in French… ;)
    Always eager to please my readership… ;)

  11. deuce Says:

    Just some advice: Go private asap before haters will complain to the provider (if they haven’t done that already) – you know what will happen then some time or other!

    Peace & respect

  12. sunbathinglizard Says:

    thanks for your nice work! very nice work indeed.

    it is interesting that
    a) these kind of comments are always posted anonymus,
    b) exposure is more important then to sell records – any musicians catering to a rather underground / leftfield crowd will not make enough money only through records to live by that. i am more knowledgeable in the electronic / experimental field – the musicians there are very aware that records “don’t pay” and never will: concerts, merchandising, side-projects (from filmmusic to ringtones to journalistic work) is where the money lies. (even known artist like cristian vogel or vladislav delay don’t make any money from records – and don’t blame the filesharers.) the cuts you get from a record are just too low… but records are of course a good promotion tool. any musician not being mainstream and without a big record company in his back dreaming of making a living only be selling records is, well, dreaming. well, get yourself a little bit knowledgeable of how the business works and then come back. for anybody interested: http://www.prospect-magazine.co.uk/article_details.php?id=9735 (and that guy worked in the industry)
    c) interesting also that these kind of comments always show up on music blogs that show a real passion for music, i.e. it is quite a lot of work sourcing and listening to the music,ripping it (especially from vinyl), uploading it and then presenting it in a interesting way (yeah, i know what i’m talking about).
    so, to finish with a question: where is YOUR website / blog / promotion of the music you like?

    pfuuh – i obviously got a little bit worked up… grin…

    cheers and mutual respects, sunbathinglizard

  13. Cliff Says:

    Hey, I don’t know where to request albums so I’ll do it here. I’m looking for two rare albums. The first one is a compilation album called New York State Of Rhyme Vol. 2 (1999). The second album is a rare debut solo album from Detroit MC Hush called There Goes The Neighborhood (1999). Thank you in advance.

  14. Sorry dog. I don’t have these either. Good luck.

  15. Triarrisy Says:

    I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting!

  16. Seel Fresh Says:

    What up! This is Seel Fresh From Chicago. Nice Site, I just checked it out. Saw you showed loved to the All natural Homies and you knew what was up with the writer’s block. thats dope.

    I want to send you some music ive been doing produced by the Molemen.I cant find an email address though, it would be great if you could hit me back with one, so i can send you some work.


  17. Pam Bristow Says:

    For your blog:

    Recently launched label Business Class (a team of downtown music and style industry insiders (helmed by producer Matt Goias of Fannypack, DJ Max Glazer, and Phillip Leeds of Billionaire Boys Club) is releasing several amazing acts this month and we wanted to talk to you about one in particular…

    The name of the group is Persona Non Grata (PNG) They are an amazing hip hop act that has exploded all over the Brooklyn under 21 scene (which is a sensation unto itself) with their hit single “Uncle Black,” which has also started the Uncle Black dance craze. You can see them on http://www.myspace.com/yopng

    We think these kids are an amazing subject for a review and trend story focusing on these underground dances and the insane Under 21 non-drinking scene that is making all these kids mini superstars. It is a totally and uniquely New York (most specifically, Brooklyn-centric) phenomenon that you should investigate since no one has exposed it yet – we can give you a lot more information. I can send a press release and some photos of the group for you as well as some info on the label if you’d like.

    Dowload music here:

    Let me know what you think.


  18. Suhnoon Says:

    where do we send you new jointz?

    I work with Tableek (from Maspyke)


  19. 9@home Says:

    Yo Suhnoon,
    You got mail.

  20. Tiffany Says:

    Cool site, what E-Mail address can artist submit music to you?

  21. 9@home Says:

    Tiffany, if you have music you wanna hand my way, just post a link in one of my comment boxes, doesn’t matter which one.

    I would just like to point something out to all promoters and people seeking a platform for their stuff:
    While I’m more than happy to receive music of budding or well-known artists, I will take the liberty of decidinig whether or not I want to turn the material into a post. See, if I like the music a lot, I’ll gladly do that, eventually, but if it doesn’t grip me, you may never hear of me, and the main reason is because reviewing is not my core business here. It has to strike me so I’ll even be arsed to listen to the thing several times.

    Also, for those who want to hit me up with hip-hop news off their label etc, this is not a news blog. So unless it’s important and life-changing, I’ll not be bothered to re-post news items.
    In other words, feel free to hit me with proper material, but keep the little “MC Soandso has just recorded with producer Suchandsuch” and “DJ Whathaveyou can be seen here with his brandnew line of sneakers” news to yourselves.

  22. Koto Muntu Says:

    Excellent fileosophy.it’s near than mine.
    You da man.

  23. Mike Strong Says:

    I love the site and the type of music you feature. Its hard to come by music with a message nowadays. I think I make music worth noticing and want to submit a few tracks. Would you please e-mail me a way to send those to you for consideration?

    1. 9@home Says:

      Whatup. Thanks for the nice words.
      As for your music on my blog: quite simple. Let me know where to get the joints from. I see you have a bunch of tracks on your site. Whether you’d like me to present/review these or others, just let me know. A link will suffice. Maybe I’ll come up with a few questions to accompany the tracks, so people find out a bit about who you are. Holla. ;)

  24. Toma Beats Says:

    Hi wasup ,Big up for the blog!!!! I just dicovered it , real nice stuff, thanks for the great posts and news! I love it!
    I’m a producer from Brussels, (Belgium) and produced this album last year (Profess & Toma present ‘United Nations’) a soulfull hip hop album that i’m now sharing for free, i noticed your blog and was wondering if u can share the link for the album on there.
    If u need more info bout the album let me know. (The album also went out on cd and is still on sale at fatbeats NYC)
    Here’s the link for the free album download http://tomabeats.bandcamp.com/
    take care and thanks in advance!



    1. 9@home Says:

      Yeah, I’ll definitely post something about you guys. Let me listen to this album a bit more and then get back at you. Liking it so far…

  25. J.Gold Says:

    Dope blog, keep up the good work!
    If you got a minute, check some new music:



    peace from Montréal,

  26. insanemacbeth Says:

    trying to find you, bro.



    1. 9@home Says:

      Well done, you did find me. I’ll holler at your mail, then.

  27. Hola bro, aca la cosa fue horrible (a nivel centro sur del pais), por suerte mi hogar pasó la prueba y el barrio al grosso modo tambien pero en otras zonas de la capital y aun mas en las regiones del sur en las costas esta el descalabro mismo. Maremoto o sunami, la cosa es que el mar tambien hiso lo suyo….

    Por si fuera poco hay muchos hijos de puta robando, saqueando y quemando tiendas y supermercados…..

    Gracias por tu preocupación broder…..

    Paz y salu2

  28. user8909 Says:

    My fileosophy.. Amazing :)

  29. rainesupreme Says:

    Im def gonna start showing you love properley through my blog (deffromabove) I have been pillaging yours and others for a while and you def deserve some props. One of the best blogs going.Keep up the ill work my man and im def going to be linking you (and others) up.
    Peace, Raine.

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