Three veterans on the Spanish hip-hop scene, Rapsusklei and Sharif, from Zaragoza, and Juaninacka from Sevilla decided to drop this free “Poetry 101” on Eterno Miusik.

While the three keep releasing albums for sale and tour (please support!), their commitment to the idea behind Eterno Miusik is intriguing. “It’s not just a label but a platform… to make music in order to cure the wounds of the soul. It’s more about a personal development and about our own satisfaction.” Certainly does it for mine.

PORTADAClick the cover for the link. And on their site, do the same.

ENERO (beat por Neza)
HALAL (beat por Stash House)
SÏMBOLOS (beat por Baster)
MIGUEL ANGEL (beat por Amalgama Beats)
CLEOPATRA (beat por Viruten Roi)
SANGRE ROJA (beat por Baster)
EL EMIGRANTE (beat por GZE Beats)
OHH (beat por Acción Sanchez)
LICOR Y POESÏA (beat por Stash House)
DICEN (beat por The Unbeatables)

More about Juaninacka on my blog here.

Check the links behind the artists’ names for lots of great free stuff.




From our old friend Juaninacka, this is a free EP the man and his DJ Makei are giving away online. The 8 “Songs of now and always” are aiming at nothing less than the renewal of the scene as it is. Carefully crafted beats using real instrumentation and mind-boggling lyrics are here to raise the level and prove once again who’s been writing history in Spanish hip-hop. Check the albums under the first link above. I dare you to show me one track in Juaninacka’s catalogue that sucks. (Okay, some links are down, and out of fairness to Juaninacka, I’ll leave them down.) But best of all, this is free. You’d be a fool to pass this up. ;)

Juaninacka & DJ Makei – Canciones de Ahora y Siempre (2010)


Juaninacka (Juan Ignacio Guerrero) gathered his first experience making music in the Sevillan crew La Alta Escuela. After the group split up, Juaninacka put out one 12″ with the group’s DJ and then went solo to put out his first release in 2002, which was a 6-track promo EP. Then, the following year, he stepped it up with the Versión EP and, just another year later, he had his first full-length album out: Caleidoscopio. Last year, in 2005, he dropped the 12″ El Hombre to get people ready for what was to come. This year has seen the release of his latest solo album to date, which he says has been the most intense and demanding experience so far. And it shows. Luces de neon (Neon lights) gives us his most mature and introspective piece of music that easily holds its own in comparison to international standards.

So to kick it off, here’s the video to Hoy, the Accion Sanchez (SFDK) produced single off his current album for you to watch.

[no cover]

Promo (2002) (EP)

Versión (2003) (EP)

Caleidoscopio (2004) (LP)

El Hombre (2005) (12″)
(*edit: now including instrumentals and the very ill bonus!*)

Luces de Neon (2006) (LP)

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