Always the kind of bloke to support underground, off-the-beaten-track music with a fresh feel, I reckon it’s my duty to at once introduce you to these cats AND tell you to cop one of their albums while their special offer lasts.

Messiah J and DJ The Expert

Messiah J & The Expert have somehow managed for years to piece together catchy tunes with a thick and heavy tongue in cheek quite unbeknownst to the large majority of hip-hop fans out there. The only reason for that I could think of that they’re from the wrong island, namely the green one to the left of Britain, and from a quaint little sheep-herding hamlet called Dublin, to be more precise. But let’s not blame them for living out in the sticks.

Now, let’s not lose too much time with geography here. If you can stomach your hip-hop with no hard-ass gangster additives but lots of uninhibited quirkiness and creativity, then this is for you. And, as I said, they’re having a ridiculously low-priced special offer on their CDs and downloads with international shipping included. A full-length CD works out at just about US$10, and they send it to your home free of charge, no matter where your live, including the great feeling of owning something not every damn kid in your neighbourhood plays on their mobile phones (although the world would be better off if they did.) ;)

Now head on over to their site and check them out. Sales last till the end of January!

Or peep one of their videos to give you an idea of what to more or less expect.

Peace, 9@home