From our old friend Juaninacka, this is a free EP the man and his DJ Makei are giving away online. The 8 “Songs of now and always” are aiming at nothing less than the renewal of the scene as it is. Carefully crafted beats using real instrumentation and mind-boggling lyrics are here to raise the level and prove once again who’s been writing history in Spanish hip-hop. Check the albums under the first link above. I dare you to show me one track in Juaninacka’s catalogue that sucks. (Okay, some links are down, and out of fairness to Juaninacka, I’ll leave them down.) But best of all, this is free. You’d be a fool to pass this up. ;)

Juaninacka & DJ Makei – Canciones de Ahora y Siempre (2010)