for the record…

I’m probably going to regret saying this, but I may resume writing up bits and pieces on my favorite music out there after what seems like a long break from keeping this up. Thank you for checking back with me for this long, even if it’s just to check whether my Ultimate Breaks and Beats collection is back online by now. ;) (I can see your search terms. :–))

Anyways, I have a few ideas on my mind that I feel I want to push out there.

I’m curious how I’m going to surprise myself…




Achieve freedom any means, relentless fight
to live life as we feel it’s right, die living proof.
All guts no glory in it, that’s what I tell em
when they ask what kinda story is it.

Verbal Kent – Ahead of its time (prod. M-Phazes)


Just to let you know: I’m about to go and kill all RS links this coming week.

If you want something and it’s still up, better grab it now.

As a next step, I’ll remove all cheap posts I made “from the hip”, as it were, and just keep this as a collection of good-enough write-ups, as well as posts on free, legal music.

I’m not doing this because some authority or server provider is wrestling my arm, or because an artist is crying into their pillow about me. Matter of fact, in these 6-odd years I’ve probably got a mere two requests to take down material I’d upped – and both were on strictlybeats. (One was a brandnew Aloe Blacc album – which I fully understand, and one was a then 14-year-old Brand New Heavies album – which is bonkers.) And to both I did oblige at once, as promised. No stress, it’s all love.

When I did get comments from artists, they were usually happy to see themselves remembered. And from the comments of you, the people, I know I’ve introduced the odd one or two artists to an avid listener and made their life better – or so I hope.

But it’s time for me to clean up my blog. I do realize it’ll turn away all those who’ve been hitting me up about the Dusty Fingers and the Ultimate Breaks and Beats collections, which have been incredibly popular. But that’s okay. There are others who are quicker and with more free time on their hands, who will help you out with these.

Be well and see you soon with more fresh music. – That’s not going to end, mind you.